The eBay StartUp Cup, powered by GriffinWorx and sponsored by the eBay Foundation is continuing its work to empower underserved populations in Berlin and around the world to design, test and build innovative businesses in 2018.

Through May 31, eBay Berlin StartUp Cup will be accepting business model applications into the Challenge. Up to 100 businesses will be invited to the KickOff Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend event on June ? & ?. Over 50 entrepreneurs, consultants, executives and thought leaders will be coaching and mentoring participating businesses as they identify the Top 25 most promising teams that will be selected to advance into the 5 month acceleration program.

Businesses competing in the eBay Berlin StartUp Cup will gain access to business leaders, angel and seed investors during tailored coaching sessions, networking events and the final award celebration where winners will receive $10,000 for the First Place, $5,000 for the Second Place and $2,500 for the Third Place.

“We are dedicated to empowering anyone, from any background or education level to design, test and build a business,” said Amy Millington, eBay Foundation President. “The passion and dedication from business builders experienced during last years eBay Berlin StartUp Cup has inspired us to take our effort to the next level in 2018.”

Last year, Danielle Keiser, Mariana de la Roche  and Milena Bacalja Perianes, co-founders of the Menstrual Health Hub and Berlin eBay StartUp Cup Second Winner 2017, brought home $5000.

“The Berlin eBay StartUp Cup Challenge equipped us with mentors who from the beginning through to the end were very invested in the topic and gave the most honest and straightforward feedback. Through the business model competition and the mentoring that we received, we became the best versions of ourselves” – Danielle Keiser, Menstrual Hub. 2017 SEcond place Winner  

Business Builders looking to launch a new startup or take an existing business to the next level are encouraged to submit their business models at Competing businesses will receive additional support including tailored coaching, mentoring and visually driven business building tools. The eBay Berlin StartUp Cup is open to anyone with an idea and up to up to one year in operation.

The eBay StartUp Cup Challenge is powered by GriffinWorx and Sponsored by eBay Foundation, taking place in Berlin, Israel, New York, India and Washington DC in 2018. GriffinWorx, one of the largest business building organizations in the world has powered hundreds of business acceleration programs in over 60 countries, focusing primarily on underserved areas and populations. GriffinWorx and the eBay Foundation share a common goal to close the opportunity gap for aspiring business builders while supporting entrepreneurial support systems work better across diverse populations. The eBay StartUp Cup 2018 campaign is also supported by local partners including City  of Washington, D.C., enpact, LIU, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, and TiE Mumbai.